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Uniting people with curious and imaginative spirits, Sundown Festival is designed for anyone with a love for Asian music and its diverse entertainment scene, the festival is programmed to celebrate all things Asian, and promote its values and spirit — through music, food, art, and culture.

We are
for Asia

we seek to promote and celebrate our Asian values & spirit, by uniting the diversity of our culture, our music, our language, our food, our arts and aspirations. Using the strength of the unity that we have established over the 10 years across 11 countries with our music festival platform, Sundown Festival has evolved to include a movement to promote real sustainability as part of our event programming. Converting our recycled pavilions into building materials to house the underprivileged in Asia.

Our legacy,
10 years and

In 2009 Red Spade created , produced an all Asian music festival called Sundown Festival which became an annual event that celebrates Asian music, arts and culture, with the aim of not only showing the best and most vibrant of Asian entertainment but also to unite and bridge the convoluted cultural & language diversity of Asia. Each year a new Asian country was added to the list of performers, creating a snowball effect to the festival in order to generate hype, anticipation and captivate audience.

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